uCOLLECT — A Low Cost Cloud-Based Data Collection Solution

Featuring Smart-Geolocation, Photos, and Street Address

Potential uses include:

  • Asset inspection
  • Feature collection
  • Field condition reporting
  • Location driven work orders

How It Works

uCOLLECT is a simple, easy, and cost effective way to collect basic data in the field using a smart phone that is completely customizeable to each user’s needs. It includes a field survey using multiple choice, numerical, or short-answer questions, as well as capturing photos and locations.

Applications under the uCOLLECT Solution can be accessed by employees, authorized users, or even members of the general public. Data collected is instantly available via uGRIDD's data sharing solution and accessible through third-party GIS services.

Your Customized App Made Easy

Your Customized App Made Easy

Once you have decided the asset on which you want to collect data, you can make an uCOLLECT App as easy as the following three steps:

1. Design the survey contents into a table format

2. Identify all existing asset locations to be visited, if known

3. Specify data format and entry instructions

Send this information to uGRIDD, receive a customized app, and share with whoever you choose.
Multimedia Data Formats Supported

Multimedia Data Formats Supported

Photo: Use phone’s camera or choose from photo album

Location: point-picking from an aerial map and/or keyboard entry postal address

Text: keyboard entry or multiple choice

Numeric: keyboard entry or sliding bar

Automatic entry of user id, date, and time

Cost and Ideas of using uCOLLECT

Annual flat fee starts at $2,500 for unlimited data collection users.

Cost and Ideas of using uCOLLECT

Surveying trees (see free example)

Identifying repair and maintenance needs such as sidewalks, potholes, or street lights

Gathering ADA ramp installation locations

Receiving and servicing constituent requests

Inspecting and maintaining assets such as fire hydrants, sewer outflows, or catch basins

Professional condition assessment data collection

For more information:

Clint W. Sabin, MPA
Telephone: (773) 706-5754