Low-Cost GIS and Management Tool for
Infrastructure and Land Data

Starts at $5,000 per year

Make better interactive web-based maps with your data!

  • No hardware or software investments
  • No specialized training required
  • Total cloud-based applications that reduce costs
  • Easy data implementation and maintenance
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Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • Cost savings on hardware, software and personnel
  • Instantly share data with your stakeholders, consultants, or even the general public
  • Cloud computation with scalability, flexibility, efficiency and security
  • Easy to use interface
  • Support for all data referencing systems, such as WGS 84, SPCS, LRS and more

Your Data In Layers

Your Data In Layers

  • Public data layers made easy
  • Secure layers for your staff and/or contractors
  • Customized access portal for your unit of local government
  • Data query by LOI (location of interest) and attribute filers


Public domain infrastructure data layers

Data Implementation

Data Implementation and Maintenance by Anyone on Your Staff ( or uGRIDD )

  • Initial data implementation from your excel spread sheet, access database and/or GIS database
  • Georeferencing your data
  • Customized Add/Delete/Edit interface
  • Integration with your Management Information Systems (MIS)
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Where the data is from

  • Your current GIS, excel table, and database systems
  • Asset management and other MIS
  • Public utility and other service providers
  • Capital project data from survey, design and as-built
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Integration with Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Georeference the key fields in your MIS
  • Link and track your project data by location of interest (LOI)
  • Instantly organize your data on map
  • Access MIS data from uGRIDD maps
  • Use maps to easily and quickly make decisions

For more information:

Clint W. Sabin, MPA
Telephone: (773) 706-5754