Project data sharing

A data sharing solution to support capital projects

Everyone can publish within minutes!
Project data is organized and published to the project team and archived into the Cloud Data Management system.
publish your data via map
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Your infrastructure data is visualized:

  • On maps for 2D data including CAD, KML, Shape files, Spread Sheets, aerial images, etc.
  • In a panoramic viewer for 3D data including CAD/BIM models, LiDAR data, and panoramic photos.
View your data in a web browser, any place, anywhere!
uKAN,show all your page in one place!

Share your project data, all in an unique portal

Organize your project web pages effectively in one web portal with advanced map navigation features.

Everyone can publish

Within minutes using the

Project Data Sharing Solution

Sharing data/information with team members is essential to the success of your project. The tools in this solution enables everyone to efficiently publish and share your data as easy as 1-2-3!

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