Automatic and Precise
Rail Car Clearance Envelop

A cost-saving solution for the railroad and transit industry

  • Benefits all phases of the infrastructure life cycle
  • Bridges isolated departmental data silos
  • Integrates exiting operation control systems

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Approaches and technology

Our Approaches

A combination of IoT technology and old school engineering

On-the-fly Rail Car Clearance Computation

  • 3D rail car profile is automatically placed when a point of LOI (location of interest) is picked;
  • The worst scenario location is determined and reported including the front, middle and rear point car positions
  • LOI and rail car clearance points are reported including X, Y, Z (elevation), stationing, offset, and elevation relative to track profile

View, measure, and extract LiDAR and CAD data in cross-section view on your web browser

  • On the fly cross-section generation
  • Dynamic view adjustment.
  • 3D LRS (alignment) support
  • Multiple horizontal and vertical scale ratios

Rail Car Travel Clearance Envelop Calculation On The Clouds

  • All initial data is hosted on the uGRIDD platform
  • User specifies the interval of rail car profile placements, i.e. every 5 feet; uGRIDD “adds” all placements into a maximum 3D model, and delivers the travel envelop
  • uGRIDD performs the calculations using the inputted parameters;
  • User receives an email notification with download instructions for the 3D CAD file results.

A Powerful Cloud-Based Infrastructure Big Data Platform

COLLECT • SHARE • INTEGRATE • MANAGE Your Infrastructure Big Data Through Georeferencing

Everyone can publish

Everyone can publish within minutes! Map based data visualization & Cloud data archive, optimized solution for infrastructure project. Sharing data/information with team members is essential to the success of your project. The tools in this solution enables everyone to efficiently publish and share your data as easy as 1-2-3!


Everything is somewhere!

To quickly find exiting data, LOI based query is the the most efficient way to do so as all infrastructure has its own location.

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The platform can be integrated with existing systems

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Challenges with Today’s Infrastructure Big Data

  • Legacy data exists in isolated data silos
  • Lack of efficient ways to search and visualize data
  • Rapid change in data collection and processing technology
  • Substantial time and millions in cost are expended to find or recreate data that may exist
  • GIS technology can only help with well-defined procedures. It typically cannot track and find the raw data you need for your next project.
  • File folder technology is also limited.
The uGRIDD Solution

The uGRIDD Solution

A platform that bridges the data silos

Published project data links, together with enterprise database can be found by selecting a location of interest (LOI) on the map and filtered with additional query conditions.

The uGRIDD Platform Creates Cost Savings by:
  • Making asset data easily available throughout the infrastructure lifecycle
  • Improving change management
  • Accessing to project data in MIS
  • Increasing productivity up to 35% - A $1 investment in uGRIDD can result in an average cost savings of $4>
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